Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How To Get Fast Web & Social Traffic on a New Blog?

Now a days the best blogging service which is getting popular day by day is blogger by Google Inc there are millions of people who created blog and getting profit from it but also there are some which dont even know how to make your blog popular so today im providing my time for those of you who dont know about it so without wasting your time lets start.


To make your blog popular you first have to make a professional template for your blog because the first thing a user see and attracts from is your blog template if your blog has not a good design so first of fall go a head and grab it from our site template zone or get it from sites like btemplates,themeforest or other sites i recommend you buy a template from themeforest beacuse it has premium templates that are seo friendly and have a good design.


Another thing that i will recommend you to use is jingling it is a chinese free web flow software in basic words it is a traffic generating bot which will increase you page views and alexa rank i know that it is illegal but using it for 1 month its a big deal or if you dont want to use it then promote your website by your own but remember use jingling for only one moth excess use of it may ban you blog.


There are many website  or blogs that are providing free blogger social widgets our blog also have some quality social widgets which you can use for increasing traffic Also use facebook like popup box that will increase you presence on social sites like facebook,twitter,google+


Thats all for today in my next article i will show you how to use jingling and seo basics for now use these tips to increase you web presence.

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