Thursday, 13 February 2014

Trend of Electronic Cigarettes Spreading Fast All Over

Blu E-Cigarette Starter Pack
Blu E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or better known by E-Cigarettes are the latest gadget that helps smokers to throw they nicotine full cigarettes and replace it by the advance technology of electric cigarettes the very positive point about it is that it has no nicotine means no addiction it also have no dangers so you can smoke easily without the care of health today we are writing this article for you so you can also throw you tobacco cigarettes and replace it with the new electronic cigarettes and not put your health in danger as you know the famous dialog '' Smoking Kills - Smoking causes Lung Cancer " ;) it also comes with flavors like mint,chocolate,strawberry so you can get the full taste of a tech cigarette.
these cigarette is spreading fast all over the world like America,Europe,Asia those people which have a knowledge about the harm of a normal cigarette but still smoking are now replacing this poison with these new electronic cigarette Since it have not any burning process included so there are not any pure smoke all the smoke is created by a burning jam like fluid in filter or a liquid there are also two types of e-cigarettes one have the jam like fluid and other have liquid but both makes smoke in our opinion the liquid electronic cigarettes are more famous and reliable.


  • No Nicotine
  • Comes With Various flavors
  • No Addiction
  • No Harm To Health
  • No Smell of Smoke
  • Smoke it anywhere Allowed By The Law
  • Smoke Dispersed Quickly
  • Comes With Filters,You Only Have To Change The Filter Every Time
  • Each Filter Gives You 200 Puffs After that You Have To Change


  • You Have To Charge it
  • Change The Filter After 200 Puffs
So, Above The Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric or E-Cigarette i also have brought my pack yesterday it costs me Rs. 550/- (Pakistani Rupees) so in america it is not more than 5$ To 6$ So Grab you pack and Quit Smoking now and don't put your life at risk the popular companies that are selling E-Cigarettes are E-Health & Blu you can get it from the following these sites when you order them you will get a box inside which you have a USB charger for charging you electric cigarettes and also a car charger for your e-cigarette so you can enjoy it in the car also and in a new box you will also get a new pack of a filter in the box which have 6-8 filters in it.


  • For First Time Charge The Cigarette For 5 hours and don't smoke it after taking right from a new box first charge and then use it.
  • When Smoke Comes Low It Means That You ave Low Battery Or Your Filter is Ending.

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