Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why 'Sunday Plans' Always Fail?

Sunday Fails !
Sunday Fails !

I Always listen from people that we have fun on Sunday but reality is always different Sunday always fails why ? what are the reasons ? today we are here on Sunday and giving you the reasons behind failure of Sunday.


  • No Plans
  • No Schedule
  • Laziness
  • Socialism
  • No Reminders on Smartphone

No Plans

This is the most probably reason when you wake on Sunday you have nothing to do because you have not probably any plan or you have things to do but you are not taking it seriously for example if you are in college and after four months your final papers are held but you are not studying in this case you can add some exercises to practice on Sunday so it will busy you or can learn something such as free courses & Tutorials on

No Schedule

The other main thing is that you have not scheduling your things to do for that you must have to sit and grab a cup of coffee and schedule the things that you will do on Sunday and the best day to do it is Saturday because Sunday is the next day and you will remember that what you have to do on Sunday.


The Bad thing is that on Sunday you have tired of all the work you have done on Saturday so most people spend the whole day sleeping this is a negative point the sleep will relax you you but more than 8 hour sleep will make you lazy so instead of sleeping whole day you should have to go for walk,jogging or outing or other places to go on.


The other thing is that you not connect with peoples that much so you should make some good friend to spend Sunday with them and in my opinion it is the easiest way to spend the Sunday super cool because you can go with friends anywhere for picnic or other places so Sunday will be made awesome.

No Reminders on Smartphone

The other things is that people having smartphones like iPhone or android OS have some great apps available on there app store but they are not getting enough benefit from it because they don't check that so grab some free Reminder apps that will schedule your whole day and give you a alarm on every next thing to do so it is a great way to organize the work.


So Now you have read the reasons why Sunday not spends well so if you are also one that sunday always fails so try putting these points in your mind or if you have nothing to do no one to meet so try blogging instead like me :D if You Like Article Please Share it

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