Thursday, 13 February 2014

7 Tech Surprises Waiting For You

There is Only 4 hours left in the new year and there are lots of surprises are waiting for you in 2014 almost everyone is expecting that new year will give them a lot of happiness or other surprises may be you are lucky or unlucky but we will giving a happy news that there are 7 surprising are must waiting for you in 2014 in tech field see below to find.

1. Smart Home Tech Explosion

We've mentioned the "Internet of Things" for some years currently. Finally, that pithy slogan is changing into a reality, although not essentially how we tend to expected.

The smart home thermostat from nest web-connected appliances and systems can be straightforward, that is, if they relied on an existing communication language (Wi-Fi) and intelligible and already-adopted interfaces (iOS and Android).

Granted, Nest wasn't the primary to try and do this. Home security camera makers like DropCam applied this idea years ago. however whereas not everybody needs webcam-based home security, each home wants a thermostat. currently Nest is merchandising smoke detectors, that not solely use constant infrastructure to speak with householders, however that connect with alternative in-home.

Similarly, Lockitron enables you to lock doors via smartphone. the merchandise has helped encourage alternative corporations, like Schlage, to introduce their own Internet-ready home security devices.

In 2014, alternative corporations can follow Nest and Lockitron’s lead. they will shed the last vestiges of proprietary networks and management centers, and along with an explosion of in-home sensors, can facilitate propel the smart home conversion trend in 2014.

2. Privacy Backlash

2013 was presupposed to be the year we have a tendency to gave up privacy.currently in several of the businesses we have a tendency to trust with our knowledge are below beleaguering, urging the U.S. government to reform its info assortment policies. The public looked on in horror.

There is no straightforward fix. a minimum of for currently, the law (well, a minimum of one judge) dictates National Security Agency phone record-collection practices are constitutional.

If the law will not facilitate America, and corporations like Verizon, AT&T, Google, Yahoo and Facebook cannot, I predict folks can take matters into their own hands. In 2014, they're going to search for ways that to either pull back from social media and smartphone use or use tools which will facilitate protect their activities.

Expect a brand new category of privacy protection firms and services to arrive in 2014, able to meet what's guaranteed to be a growing want.

3. Ads Everywhere

The Most Annoying thing you have to face 2014 is ads as ads are the only way that are getting more revenue than any other thing programs like google adsense,infolink,chitika, or other are currently the highest paying to their publishers now a days any one want to be a online money earner

and this can only be done by making your own blog and monetizing it so you can generate revenue through it so its good point for blogger or website that are payed through ads but negative point for those who read blogs for getting a plus point because it will interrupt them by popping up annoying ads but there is always a weapon for every virus and guess whats cooking ADBLOCK :D :P 

4. Free Cloud Storage

The Other Thing you might have noticed that now a days internet is very high speed so instead most of the people keep their important document or other pictures or files in online cloud storage websites such as skydrive,box or dropbox there are also packages on buying you will get gb's of space in this case Microsoft kicked the competition off in 2013 with 200 GB of free cloud storage — with a Surface 2 tablet purchase.

But Still there are some peoples who dont know what is cloud technology or how this works so by 2014 most of the companies are working hard on cloud storage to make it more reliable for students or fore business persons who have a load of files. so they can access there files anywhere.

5. Introducing 4k

The 4k,you are thinking that it is 4000 :D but not its a latest technology that is developed by samsung 4k HDTV will be more popular by 2014 4k is Ultra HDTV with four times bigger pixel than 1080p HDTV so its awesome for hardcore gamers or people who love to watch film on their HDTV.It is also said that the prices of 4k tv is less than that of Previous HDTV.

6. Drone in Other Departments

Drone that is a small remote control plane previously used in killing persons in Pakistan by America :D but now it will be used in every where for sending a courier,or sending a pizza on your door so wait and watch that awesomeness in a positive point not in a negative point in killing persons.

7. Nanotechnology Advancements

Molecular-level technology has shifted from theory to potential sensible applications. the power to control particle-level material holds promise for everything from biomedicine to client physical science.

The breakthroughs achieved in 2013 can pale compared to those we tend to expect in 2014. Researchers square measure longer merely making an attempt to prove nanotech theories; they are competitory to ascertain whose application takes the lead.

Breakthroughs in cancer, Alzheimer’s, vision and deafness, information storage and manipulation might all air the menu in 2014. anticipate to miracles at a small scale.

With 365 days and 8,760 hours within the year, there’s no telling what alternative surprises 2014 has future for United States. can a brand new social network rival Twitter or Facebook? (Nah.) can tablets get larger, smaller, dilutant and fatter? (Oddly, yeah). can wearable technology be larger in 2014 than in 2013? (Sorry, my ball clouded au fait that one.)

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