Saturday, 8 February 2014

UltraHD 4k TV's Are Now The Next Big Thing

As you all know that technology is changing faster and faster its about 3 or 2 years ago when HD is come but now its also replaced yes its right now after the 1080p HD here is the time to introduce Ultra HD Which is 4k it is generic term which is use to represent the pixels it means that a 4k TV has 4,000 Pixels Wide Mean 3 times larger than 1080p below is a image which shows it.

Also when the pixels are wide the display will also be HD means ULTRA HD the cinemas also turning the game to 4k now and recently on CES 2014 Samsung Introduced its UHDTV However some of UHDTV are available below 1,000$ the advancement in the display is very good such as see the below image of avatar comparison.

so you can see that the 4k has very much detail as compared to 1080p so you have much detail on your shows.

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