Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cup That Will Tell You The Nutritional facts of Liquid Inside

Vessyl App
Vessyl App

An intelligent cup that allow customers to accomplish physical fitness goals.

Vessyl, whose pre-sale commenced on Thursday, looks like most portable glasses: plastic, handy as well as durable. But it’s far smarter than your current average container.

Created by startup Mark 1 over seven decades, Vessyl is sensor-equipped as well as immediately reports your current drink’s nutrition truth, according to your product’s promotional online video media.

Once a fluid is poured to the Vessyl, a small digital display will let you know the caffeine, weight and calorie content, among other data. It also identifies the drink—it may tell the difference between Coke as well as Pepsi, for instance, by calculating variations in sugar content. It even functions for alcoholic drinks and thicker essential fluids like milkshakes as well as yogurt.

Vessyl Cup
Vessyl Cup

Charged wirelessly, the Vessyl is linked via Bluetooth on your smartphone, where you can manually enter drinks you’ve consumed elsewhere for the Vessyl app. The app then collects data on the hydration level as well as chemical intake to facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

Pre-order price of Vessyl is 99$ (retail for $199), and it will be released by early 2015.

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