Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How To Remove "Navbar" From Blogger Blog

The Look of your blog is the first thing that impresses every one but it looks very ugly when the navbar is appearing on the top of your blog so today i will tell you how to remove the blogger navbar from your blog but first i will tell you the little advantages & disadvantages of having navbar on your blog.

Advantages of Blogger Navbar

However the navbar don't give a good impression to the blog visitors but for the admin it is very useful because on the navbar there is some buttons like create post or link to dashboard is present so the admin can go directly to the dashboard or he can create a new post on the blog from where you lick the 'Create New Post' Button.

Disadvantages of Blogger Navbar

the disadvantages of blogger navbar is that it will not give your blog a professional look because it will appear on the start of your blog so it looks ugly.

Now you have understand the advantages & disadvantages of having navbar on your blog so it your choice whether to keep it or delete it so if you want to delete the navbar you have to follow the following steps

  • First Goto Blogger
  • Now After Login Goto Layout & See Where is the navbar gadget.

After Finding Click on the edit button.
After The Scroll Down & Click on The 'Off' Button

  • and Finally Click on Save buton & You Are Done


Now your blog have a professional look & it will leave a good impression on your readers so if you like this post kindly share & Subscribe for Our next post.

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