Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How To Make a Blog on Blogger & Master The Features

Today i will tell you where to start if you are new in blogging era its not a problem you just have to follow the 3 articles on our blog homepage to master all the things in blogger so its the 1st part of the article in this we will discus what is blogger and how to make a blog on it.

What is Blogger ?

Blogger is a blog publishing Service Which allow a user to create a blog and write on it back in 1999 blogger is created by Pyra Labs But later in 2003 owned by Google Inc Now Google is Operating Blogger Since 2003 daily millions of post are written on it from all around the world and it is the second most used blog platform after WordPress.

How To Make a Blog on Blogger ?

To Make a Blogger Blog Follow The Following Steps

  • First Go to
  • Then click the big red sign up button on the top right of the screen

  • After entering your email and other formalities enter your display name which will be displayed in future on all of you blogger posts.

  • Now You will be taken to your dashboard from here click on 'New Blog'

  • After that Enter a Unique Name For Your Blog and a Cool URL That Attract Visitors and Check For Its Availability

  • Now Select a Template From Below Available templates

  • After Selecting the Template Click Create Blog Button

  • Now You Will Be Taken To The Dashboard of Your Blog

  • Now Click on the 'New Post' Button in Order to make a new Post this will take you to the post maker of the blogger write title in post title and write your post in below field there are two editor in this one is Just rich text means simple text and other is HTML in HTML you can add coding like CSS or other things when you are making your post the html of your post is automatically created we will discuss HTML of Blogger Post Editor & Other Components in It Later.

Now You Learned That How To Create a blog and how to Make a New Post But For The Other Things in Blogger i Will make a video you should watch it so you can Master The other features and their work in blogger.

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