Friday, 14 February 2014

Do You Know How Google is Earning $691 Per Second ?

Google Earnings

Google is one of the biggest internet solutions company which is growing day by day and if you know it is also one of the top earning website in the world many people just use Google to search there products but they don't know its history or what is Google providing beside its search engine so today i am here to show some secrets of there earnings with you.

So Matter is that you might think that when you go to its display a simple search box in which you type something and get relevant results from there and there is no ads displaying there on the homepage so there arises a question that from where is Google making that money so answer is there:

Google Has not only a search engine by which you search on daily basis but on other hand it has lot of other products that are YouTube,android,chromium and in the past years it also acquire some companies but these all websites and companies make a small portion of its earnings.The biggest part of its earning is coming from Google Adsense & Google Adwords Which are the two biggest ads services from Google and they are also the biggest ads services in the world so how Google is making money from it .Google Has The Adsense Program in which a user will show there website to google and if your website is getting a high web traffic so Google will accept it and show the ads on your website and after that when people visit your website and if they click on the ads displayed by google you will be given money on every click in 1$ or 0.01 $ Depending on which country you are living or what type of website you have.

You might be thinking that why google is giving you ads to post on your website or from where Google get the ads so in Google Adsense There are Two Category of People One are publishers and other are advertisers so first we talk about advertiser advertiser when come to Google Adsense they just give the product website that they want to promote so when they give the website then Google search for the website that are submitted by the publishers and if a website match that niche then Google will post that ads on the niche site so all the work is done on auto pilot by Google but Google has some techniques by which it is very hard to getting approved from adsense but if you dedicate some really tough time to your website you will definitely get approved from adsense i will discuss it some other day so come to the point now i will tell you how Google has earned much of its money so no doubt its also giving benefits to bloggers and students to earn money but Google is getting the main benefit from it That Is $691 Per Second Sounds Good :).

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