Sunday, 29 December 2013

Speed Up Mozilla Firefox Startup

Almost all trendy net browsers go with "Hardware Acceleration" feature that is additionally referred to as "GPU Rendering". This new feature was introduced to enhance program performance. It uses GPU acceleration to spice up overall performance of the program.

Unfortunately hardware acceleration feature causes several issues to users. we've got seen in past that this feature has troubled numerous Microsoft workplace, web mortal and Mozilla Firefox users UN agency Janus-faced blurred and onerous to browse text downside whereas victimisation these programs.

Now a brand new downside has been found in hardware acceleration feature whereas victimisation Mozilla Firefox browser. By default hardware acceleration feature comes enabled in Firefox that will increase Firefox loading time. several Firefox users as well as Maine have Janus-faced this downside. after you begin Mozilla Firefox, it takes plenty of your time (approx. 9-10 seconds) in startup. i attempted with a clean installation of Windows yet as Mozilla Firefox however same result.

There were no add-ons, plugins or themes put in in Firefox however still it had been taking heap of your time in loading. Finally i attempted to disable hardware acceleration feature and amazingly it worked. Disabling hardware acceleration feature reduced Firefox loading time and it loaded instantly.

If you're additionally facing long loading time downside in Mozilla Firefox and if you wish to hurry up its startup time, you simply have to be compelled to disable hardware acceleration feature in Firefox.

If you do not acumen to try to to this, scrutinize following tutorial that tells you ways to disable hardware acceleration feature in Mozilla Firefox:

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration (GPU Rendering) in Mozilla Firefox to mend Font Problem?

You can additionally create Firefox load quicker by disabling or uninstalling redundant extensions, themes and plugins. additionally set Firefox homepage to about:blank.

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