Sunday, 29 December 2013

Become an Internet Celebrity With These 6 Laws

There are many people who have abilities to change the world but cant find the way to show it but today i specially write this article for you because i want everybody to know that how to become a internet celebrity or get famous on internet follow my tips to prove yourself today.

1. Getting Social

Are you from those groups which are always in attitude and not interacting with people so it is the first mistake you are making you should avoid it and be a social person which talks to everybody and frank with everyone on social networks but not hell yeah :D keep in limits the one more thing i will share that internet is a world where everybody is mean so you should also talk for your mean getting in love on social networks is not a positive point :) you will think that im jealous but in fact i pass that year ago and gain nothing so without wasting time Get Famous so The very first thing you should have to do is to make accounts on Facebook,Twitter,Google+ which are the top 3 social sites i know that there are people which already have account on Facebook or other but you are not getting any response i will Discuss it later in the article.

2. Make You Personality Attractive

Make yourself a man who when everybody see just say that oh god i wish that he's mine ;) you can do this with Facebook or other social sites i'm highlighting Facebook specially because it is the most used social network you have to dress up yourself like a CEO Even if you are a student.

3. Don't Post,Too Much

You should also kept in mind that don't over post because it will make your fans boring and they dont again even read your post and scroll down so avoid it.

4. Make Something That Goes Viral

You have seen many teen who get famous by something they upload goes viral like 'Chris Crocker' Who Upload a Video on Youtube 'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE' and the video goes viral and he's now a internet celebrity so you should also make something like this or something new with your own idea.

5. Get Attitude

You should have an attitude which represent you that which type of a person you are but dont show too much attitude that everybody start hating you like Justin Beiber :P.

6. Make a Personal Blog

You should also have to make your personal blog on blogger,wordpress or tumblr it will also give you popularity and give you more audience.

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